1T321D (rus: 1T321Д) (p-n-p, Hfe 40-120)

1T321D (rus: 1T321Д) (p-n-p, Hfe 40-120)
1T321D (rus: 1T321Д) (p-n-p, Hfe 40-120)
Brand: Russia
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1T321D (rus: 1T321Д) (p-n-p, Hfe 40-120)

Russian NOS germanium transistor, special grade (1T is the same as GT series, for military and special equippment).
Has low leackage and great tone.

One of the most popular Russian GE transistors for FuzzFace and others.

Can be used in a number of classic and morden fuzz/dist schemas: FuzzFace, Rangemaster, Tonebender, FuzzFactory and many others.

Made in Soviet Union (Russia)

Price is for one pc.

Support thread at diystompboxes.com is here.

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