SED (Svetlana) Winged =C= 6550C

SED (Svetlana) Winged =C= 6550C
Brand: SED Svetlana
Product Code: SED 6550C
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Price: $79.00
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SED (Svetlana) Winged =C= 6550С - output beam tetrode.

Perfect choice for guitar, hi-fi/hi-end amplifier. Best sounding 6550 tubes.

Production of SED glass tubes ceased in 2012 and there is currently no intention to recommence production. The remaining supplies of tubes is limited and are treated as NOS stock and priced accordingly.

These tubes are often sold in pairs, but you can buy single 6550С in our store for SE amplifier.

Price is for single tube.

All tubes are tested on famous russian tube tester L1-3 (L3-3).


High Performance Audio Power Tube 6550С

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