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Rotary Switch 1x12

Rotary Switch 1x12
Rotary Switch 1x12 Rotary Switch 1x12 Rotary Switch 1x12
Brand: China
Product Code: Rotary-Switch-1x12
Availability: In Stock
Price: $1.50

10 or more $1.40
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Rotary switch 1x12 (substitute for Lorlin switches). One pole, 12 positions.

Suitable for many diy projects like Gyraf G9, an indispensable thing for the construction of a stepped
gain switch for many microphone preamp projects .

Adjustable stop to restrict number of positions allows you to change the number of positions from 12 to 2.

A short shaft with a notch, there is no need to cut off the shaft.

Excellent quality.

PCB mount.


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