Ad797 Mic preamp Kit

Ad797 Mic preamp Kit
Ad797 Mic preamp Kit Ad797 Mic preamp Kit
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Ad797 Mic preamp Kit  - DIY Kit for high quality mic preamplifier project utilizing AD797 .

The scheme is fully balanced. Requires a bipolar power supply, please check our Universal Mic Preamp PSU Kit. As a gain regulator it's possible to use 1x12 rotary switch with a set of resistors (step 2db) (not included in the kit) or rev-log potentiometer (C5k) (included in the kit).

The kit includes:

  1. PCB
  2. 100% Genuine Ultralow Distortion, Ultralow Noise Op Amp from Analog Devices AD797ANZ (2x)
  3. DIP8 sockets
  4. High quality capacitors 2u2 Epcos
  5. Tantalum capacitors 4u7
  6. Ceramic Capacitors (220p, 100n, 22p)
  7. Metal film resistors with a tolerance of 1% accuracy. Matched pairs of resistors.
  8. Potentiometer C5k (Alpha)
  9. Terminal connectors for mounting attachments.

As a bonus - stands for PCB and PLC connector for mounting phantom switch.

Manual, schematics, etc (v1.1)

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