Tube Mic preamp PSU PCB

Tube Mic preamp PSU PCB
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Power supply boards for tube preamp. Lets get rectified, filtered power for the anode circuit, the heater supply (rectified, stable) and phantom power.

You can use different transformers, rectifier diodes (filament - up to 5A).

To get phantom power, you can use the secondary winding 12v-18v (a multiplier circuit). It's possible to bypass the multiplier circuit by setting the appropriate jumper.

Suitable for feeding a large DIY projects - mic preamps, equalizers, processing, etc.

Price per set of two printed PCB (anode power, heat + phantom power).

Manual, schematics, etc (4.08mb).

Dimentions: 41mm х 63mm, 41mm х  157mm

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