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6N9S (6SL7)

6N9S (6SL7)
6N9S (6SL7) 6N9S (6SL7) 6N9S (6SL7)
Product Code: 6N9S (6Н9С)
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6N9S - low frequency double triode, direct substitute for 6SL7. New old stock. New in original boxes. Produced in 1985, Reflector (Saratov).

Perfect choice for clean channel of mic/guitar preamps or  hi-fi/hi-end.

Many people says that 6N9S (6SL7), 6N8S (6SN7) has a better sounding tone than noval twin triodes like 12AX7 (ECC83).

If you've never heard this Russian tube it's time to give it a chance. This tube is cheap but it worth more than it's price. ;)

All tubes are tested on famous russian tube tester L1-3 (L3-3).


Low frequency double triode 6N9S

Low frequency double triode 6SL7


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